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Vestibulum id urna


The world’s first true, interchangeable shoe system that is born on a sunny California. Zipz shoes are entirely different to any other footwear on today's market. Whether its fashion, function, or fun, Zipz Shoes have it covered. Just ‘ZIP ON” a different cover and transform your shoes in a blink of an eye. With an amazing range of styles available in hi-tops and lo-tops, all interchangeable on the same size Zipz 'soul' you can zip and change your cover as many times as you like to create a completely unique look! Our unique footwear can be found on a long list of celebrity Zipzters. Movie stars such as Jackson Rathbone and Booboo Stewart from Twilight to singers like Jordan Sparks and Faith Evans have donned our styles. Find out more here (insert http://www.zipzshoes.com/)


Vestibulum id urna

Founded 2006 in Oslo , Norway and breathed new life into the almost-forgotten galosh. Started off with the simple idea of transforming the galosh, a purely practical utility product to a classy and branded lifestyle item with a bold personality. We have developed the SWIMS loafer line with the same philosophy over the years. Breeze, the lightest, most flexible, most breathable loafer to date. Capturing the imagination of the active, style and performance conscious consumer. Enhancing the lifestyle whether at work or at play. Offering an affordable premium with a playful, modern approach, we are serious when it comes to the quality & functionality of our products, but playful with our designs..

At SWIMS we love water! Whether we move in it under a bright blue sky or see it falling from the heavens above. Our love of water makes us relevant in almost every part of the world; on the way to the office or when heading for the beach. Through this, over the past 10 years SWIMS has become a vibrant and sought-after lifestyle brand. The more we grow, the more committed we are to our core philosophy. Find out more here (insert https://www.swims.com/).

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